septembre 2016
Séminaire académique données climatiques

6ème Congrès SFSE : Changement climatique et santé

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The need for continuing education is explicitly expressed by the socioeconomic actors who have to manage the effects of climate change and implement the regulatory procedures proposed. The Ouranos-AuRA platform carries out reflection on this question of education by relying on the university.

The first work consists in identifying the existing offer of education in universities not only in the Rhône-Alpes Region but elsewhere, regarding both initial and continuing education.

On the basis of this survey and the expression of needs, a catalogue of courses will be proposed and submitted to university establishments and to the Management Board of the GIS Envirhônalp. The catalogue can be based jointly on the modules already taught in university courses and on specific modules built in response to the demands made by our partners. The latter raise the question of the capacities in the universities for developing forms of continuing education compatible with the constraints of operational actors, and which differ from the offers made by education establishments.